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Garage Door Spring Repairs Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Greenbank and surrounding areas

What does the garage spring do?

The spring in the garage door is used to assist easy opening of the door by helping to counterbalance the weight of the door itself. The spring is like the muscle that lifts the garage door. Springs are usually rated to complete a certain number of cycles before requiring replacement.

If you are noticing any issues with your garage door spring not working quite as it should you should seek expert help as soon as possible. Waiting too long can damage other parts and lead to an expensive repair and even be a safety hazard.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs are the most common springs used on residential garage doors and one or two springs may be present. There are many ways that the springs can be set up on your garage door. Our technicians have expertise dealing with all kinds of garage springs and door types.

On commercial garage doors it is not uncommon to have 4 or more springs in place. The springs used tend to be more heavy duty to cope with the extra weight of the doors used. Once again, there are many different set ups used for commercial garage springs.

We can help you with Garage Spring repair, servicing and replacement. We can also supply any new spring needed or other necessary parts.

Why You Should ALWAYS Get an Expert to Help Replace the Spring

The spring can be under high tension and attempting to repair or replace it yourself is very dangerous. Although the spring may appear simple there can often be parts you don’t see.

In fact, many parts of the garage door can be under pressure from the spring. Attempting to repair a garage door spring or even parts connected to it without the correct knowledge and skills can results in serious injury.

In addition to the potential safety risks for people there is the possibilty of serious damage to other parts of the door and the door itself.

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